My name is David. I live in the Uk and im 26 years old. I have decided to start a web page to document my love of the female sex, my enjoyment of Copulation and all the rude/naughty photos and videos i have made.

is the union of the sex organs  The two individuals may be of opposite sexes or hermaphroditic, as is the case with, for example, snails.)

Without trying to sound like a male slag i shall determine how many women i have been with and update future new ones when they are blessed with my offerings in the bedroom. On this website i shall make a list, grade and comment on every girl.

The Future For

I will be looking to make videos and photos with women to go on a website that currently is under development. This will be an amature porn site thats at the heart of reality. Good rates of pay for clean men and women. Documentation will be required.

Contact me if your interested in becoming either a male or female performer.